Pipeline Inspection Crawlers

Pipeline Inspection Crawlers



Crawlers available to fit pipe diameters of 100mm up to 2000mm. Powerful motors enable the crawlers to travel distances up to 600 metres. Steerable crawlers also allow operators to negotiate obstacles or bends in some instances. Additional lighting fitted to either the camera head of the crawler improves visibility in larger pipes, while various wheel sizes and extension attachments are available so the crawler can be adjusted to any pipe size.

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iPEK Crawlers

Are suitable for inspecting pipelines from DN 100 up to DN 2000 mm.  A large variety of modular accessories allows to adjust the crawler configuration for the execution of many different inspection tasks.

What all crawlers have in common is their robust design for the use under adverse conditions, the intuitive operability and the elaborated construction which has continuously been improved over decades in close cooperation with operators and customers.


 Crawler Ø 400mm – 1300mm

The application area of the RX400 crawler ranges from DN 400 up to DN 1300 (optionally up to DN 2000).

  • Application area ranging from DN 400 up to DN 1300 (optionally up to DN 2000)
  • Powerful four-wheel drive (steerable)
  • Electrically operated 2-speed gearbox
  • Electrically operated clutch with safety mode = clutch is permanently engaged
  • Good ground clearance
  • Automatic lifter
  • Sensor system for automatic camera centering
  • Inside the pipe
  • Location transmitter can be activated
  • Constant monitoring by roll and inclination sensor
  • Constant monitoring of the internal pressure and temperature
  • Four manually adjustable LED lamps for optimum illumination of the pipe (LEDs cannot be adjusted manually with the EX version)
  • Two LED lamps for optimum illumination of the pipe bottom
  • Integrated rear view camera
  • Interface for additional rear view camera in an elevated position
  • Interface to mount an optional elevator extension
  • Compatible to the SUPERVISION (PAL) inspection system (with reduced scope of functions, e.g. no electrical gearshift, no safety mode, no camera centering)

Crawler RX400

RX400 with extension

RX400 with Jumbo Wheels


Crawler Ø 150mm – 300mm

The application area of the RX130 crawler ranges from DN 150 up to DN 1000 (with elevator and carrier mounted).

  • Powerful six-wheel drive (steerable)
  • Location transmitter can be activated
  • Crawler wheels for all surface conditions
  • Constant monitoring by pitch and roll sensor
  • Constant monitoring of the internal pressure and temperature
  • Integrated backeye camera
  • Optional automatic elevator
  • Optional carrier
  • Optional auxiliary light
  • Compatibility to the SUPERVISION (PAL)
  • Inspection system (as of version 2012) and PAL video format


Optionally available as EX version

Crawler RX130

RX130 with elevator


RX95 – Crawler Ø 100mm – 200mm

The application area of the RX95 crawler ranges from DN 100 up to DN 200.

  • Powerful six-wheel drive (steerable)
  • Location transmitter can be activated or switched over
  • Crawler wheels for all surface conditions
  • Constant monitoring by pitch and roll sensor
  • Constant monitoring of the internal pressure and temperature
  • Compatibility to the SUPERVISION®-(PAL)
  • Inspection System (as of version 2012) + PAL video format

RX95 with PTP70II

RX95 with RAC50


Camera Adapter Ø 79mm – 2000mm

RCC90 camera adapter for the ROVION inspection system. The application area starts at DN 90. The adapter serves as a direct connection of a camera to the camera cable to inspect horizontal and vertical pipes, manholes and special constructions. The camera adapter is optionally available as EX version.

  • Horizontal and vertical operation
  • Quick and easy connection of cameras, cables and auxiliary lights (QCD assembly)
  • Threaded holes to fasten the adapter to external devices (e.g. skids, rafts)
  • Integrated, laterally emiting LED lamps serve as homogeneous illumination of large constructions
  • Lateral illumination which rotates synchronously with the camera head
  • Light control of 0% – 100%
  • Internal pressure display and temperature display via system status
  • Robust design
  • Threaded holes to fiy the camera adapter e.g. onto skid, raft
  • Compatible with ROVION inspection system
  • Optionally available as EX version

Camera adapter RCC90



DigiSewer triples the value of your inspection budget by performing up to three times faster than traditional video inspection.

With DigiSewer side-scanning, you capture footage at speeds up to 70 feet/minute without stopping to pan, tilt or zoom. And side-scanning generates detailed flat scans that can be reviewed and annotated in a fraction the time.

With all the time and money side-scanning saves, be sure to demand a system that handles all your pipe—no matter the material, condition and size. DigiSewer for ROVVER is the only side-scanner that adapts to real-world conditions, and the only one that also supports traditional CCTV inspection, giving you total versatility for your investment.

Best of all, DigiSewer remains the leading innovator in side-scanning, offering features like virtual pan/tilt, inclination graphing, joint/tap auto-recognition, PACP color-coding, and full WinCan integration.


Not only is DigiSewer adaptable enough to scan the broadest range of pipe sizes and diameters, it runs on the ROVVER platform, which means it can also be reconfigured to perform traditional video inspection and laser profiling.


With Digisewer side-scanning, inspection personnel no longer need to detect defects in live video, and then stop to investigate further.
Instead, Digisewer captures detailed visual data from every square inch of pipe wall at speeds up to 70 fpm. This image data, called a side scan, is then presented in multiple views (side, forward, thumbnail and virtual 3D) that can be rapidly and thoroughly analyzed offline by an engineer. As a result, Digisewer yields triple the productivity of traditional CCTV inspection, all while producing data that’s better optimized for rapid transmission and efficient storage (3000 ft/GB).

  • High-res visual detail from every inch of pipe wall.
  • Inspect at 50 fpm—no stopping to pan, tilt or zoom.
  • Faster review and annotation than with video.
  • Links to WinCan and GIS data; supports PACP.
  • Automatic identification of taps and joints.
  • Thumbnail, side, forward and 3D navigation.
  • Compact data for easy storage/transfer (3000 ft/GB).
  • Ovality measurement with optional laser accessory.


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