Robust, mobile and self-propelled cutting robotic systems for small and medium sized main sewer systems, to mobile cutting system for small pipes in the indoor installation.

IMS Robotics

The development and manufacturing of our highly innovative products takes place exclusively in Germany. With approximately 40 service and sales partners in over 30 countries and almost 1500 sold robot systems, IMS Robotics is the world market leader as supplier for robots in small pipe section applications. The well-rounded product portfolio offers our customers a high level of effectiveness and service.

NANO easy

  • Range of application in pipes from DN70 up to DN100
  • Excellent flexibility in bends up to 90° in DN70
  • Pneumatic clamping unit also permits usage in vertical pipes
  • Only smallest access openings required
  • Convenient supply hose package of 15m or 25m
  • High cutting force through powerful air motor
  • Flexible operation due to movable steering wheel and removable monitor
  • Permanent monitoring of cutting operation by integrated colour camera
  • High mobility convenience through compact stainless steel chassis
  • Several cutting tools are installable
  • Accessories with construction site tools

MICRO light

  • Large range of application in pipes from DN 80 up to DN 150/3“ up to 6“ (inside diameter) without conversion work, optional extendable until DN 250/10“
  • Excellent flexibility in bends up to 90° in DN 100/4“ through rotating and swivel head
  • Pneumatic clamping unit permits use also in vertical pipes
  • Clamping unit separately controlable by cable remote control
  • Only very small access openings required
  • Convenient supply hose package of 30 m/98,40 ft
  • Extremely high cutting force through powerful air motor
  • Flexible operation through cable remote control
  • Precise joystick control of the cutter
  • Permanent monitoring of cutting operation due to integrated colour camera in the cutting arm with air cleaning
  • Great mobility convenience through compact chassis
  • Damage prevention through automatic monitoring of internal pressure with signalling
  • Deep pipe insertion by fiberglass push rod possible
  • Variable cutting tools are installable
  • Minimum downtimes in case of repair through operator-replaceable components or use of express service (see detailed description in the offer/order conditions)
  • Upgradeable to MICRO automatic at any time

DRIVE 50m / 100m / 150m

  • Very robust cutting robot for small and main sewers from DN150 up to DN400
  • High operating flexibility due to 3 freedom degrees (driving movement, rotation and swivelling of the cutting arm)
  • Powerful air-operated cutting motor
  • Precise operation by cable remote control with 2 joysticks for swivelling, turning and driving
  • Toggle switches for pressure rail, water cleaning, turning speed of the cutting arm, driving speed and cutter motor
  • Potentiometer for light control and turning speed of the cable drum (only activated in combination with the option 030 11 600 automatic reeling)
  • Control unit DRIVE with optional case available (omission of the standard control unit and of the 17“ TFT monitor)
  • Cable remote control and cable drum also usable together with item number 020 22 000 IMS cutter DRIVE light
  • Perfect cutting control through integrated color camera with LED lighting, permanent camer cleaning by air and optional switchable water flushing
  • Long driveway through powerful carriage with pressure rail
  • Extremely short conversion time by changing nominal diameters
  • Comfortable supply hose package of 100m or 150m on cable drum
  • Optionally available with manual reeling, manual reeling with hand crank or automatic reeling
  • Optional meter counting including data loading
  • Vehicle mounting kit option available
  • Low weight of robot allows introduction of robot without a crane or winch
  • Damage prevention through permanent internal pressure monitoring
  • Usable together with inspection head MICRO cam