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Quick and easy to install, Vetter offers optimum results regardless of pipe size and shape. Available for all pipe blocking, pipe pressure testing and over-pumping applications.

We also have a range of flexible packers for pipe rehabilitation applications , Industrial Pneumatics like Lifting Bags and Leak Sealing Bags from our HazMat product range





Top products from the pneumatic professionals.

It is for you that Vetter continually develop their products further – based on their decades of experience with industrial pneumatic technology and the materials used for this. In doing this we follow two goals:

1. Carefully shifting the limits

Their objective is always to be at the top of development and to sound out and shift the limits of capability with the pioneering spirit and at the same time always having the requirements of the rescuer in mind.

2. Integrated safety

All their industrial pneumatics products meet the highest safety standards. This is already reached during the product development stage. You can be always 100 percent certain that you have made the correct decision.

Application Scenarios

With industrial pneumatics products from Vetter, you are well prepared for disasters of all sizes.

Pipe Sealing Bags

Vetter Pipe Sealing bags are the optimum solution when quick and reliable sealing of drainage is required. A big advantage of the sealing bags is their freely selectable contact pressure (on the pipe wall): from 0.5 bar to 2.5 bar/7.25 psi to 36.25 psi.

The areas of operation are, among others: sealing off sewer pipelines during repair or maintenance work avoiding sewage backflow at the source location during pipe bursts, flooding, sewer inspection, sewer cleaning, repair and maintenance work.

Due to the numerous application possibilities, sealing bags are used in different branches of industry, such as road construction and civil engineering companies, sewer constructors, water authorities and industry.
Vetter Pipe Sealing bags can be used for the sealing test according to DIN EN 1610.

Lifting Bags

Vetter industrial lifting bags 8 bar (116 psi) are characterized by their noiseless, bump-free and smooth lifting of the most heavy loads. They lift, press, compress, brace and cleave – even in angled positions.

The surface profile improves the gripping capability on slippery ground such as grass, sand etc. They have a multi-layer construction which widely extends over both sides of the bag. This is made of aramide.

Inflation of industrial lifting bags can be made with air as well as water. Accessories necessary for inflation can be individually put together.

Industrial bags belonging to the IKV series have been especially developed for applications having high frequency rates, e.g.

* Securing devices in presses or other types of machines

* Regular pressing or lifting of loads

* Shape ejection out of production lines.

Industrial bags belonging to the V series are best suited for temporary operations, e.g.:

* Assembly and maintenance work on machines and other types of equipment

* Conversion and adjustment of heavy loads.

Leak Sealing Bags

Every second counts when hazardous liquids escape from tanks, pipes or drums. Vetter leak sealing bags are therefore optimally designed for fast and easy use at the accident site. You inflate the bag within the shortest possible time with a foot pump. The uniform pressure distribution of the sealing bags protects the structures around the leaks and thus reduces the risk of the leak enlarging. The acid protective covers have an integrated belt pocket and suitable belt slots. You therefore do not have to remove the cover and belts for storage and save valuable time in operation.

Vetter leak sealing bags are available in two versions:


Particularly flexible in operation:

can be braced at an angle at temperature up to 90 °C

therefore, almost unlimited positioning options


The safe solution in case of a risk of explosion:

no metal parts on the belt slot

sparking therefore not possible


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