Octopus Electronics offers the following Training



All Cameras

Training on all the CCTV Cameras,  Push Rod Systems and Crawlers from all Suppliers is offered.

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Sewer CCTV Condition Classification

The globally recognised WRc course for professionals working with key aspects of sewer and manhole inspection, assessment as well as conditions coding, and follows recogniseds specifications laid out in the 5th Edition of the Manual of Sewer Condition Classification (MSCC5).



Wincan VX Training

Introduction / Installation / Licensing / Program Settings / WincanVX Main Screen / Project Management / Project Participants / Creating Sections & Inspections / Observations / Lateral Sections (AKA Satellite Sections) / Recording Manholes or Nodes / Searching for Data & Filtering / Video Digitization / Video Window / Controlling On-Screen-Display (OSD) / Data Output / Converting Projects / Merging Projects / Report Generator


Training Room

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