WinCan DigiSewer

The WinCan DigiSewer application is a standalone application that supports exclusively the DigiSewer fish eye camera module from iPEK. The DigiSewer application creates the scan images during the inspection that show the inner surface of the inspected pipe as if you would unfold the pipe into a two-dimensional image.

DigiSewer Features:

  • Creates high quality sidescan images without any stripe patterns. The resolution is up to 1500 pixels per revolution.
  • Every 5 – 10 cm a front view picture is stored.
  • Allows fast scan speed up to 15 meters per minute.
  • Allows altering the drive speed during the inspection.
  • Inclination data collection during the scan.
  • Easy camera parameter setup with inner pipe diameter and camera height.
  • Low data storage requirements (ca. 1 MB per meter


  • DigiSewer fish eye camera.
  • Real-time Vitec video capture board.
  • WinCan ScanExplorer module for later viewing and documentation

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