WinCan LaserScan

WRc-certified deformation measurement using laser hardware.

Capture the cross-sectional pattern cast by ring laser hardware over the full length of a pipe to generate a 3D model of its profile, as well as reports on ovality, capacity and diameter

Functions and Advantages
– Automated Geometry Acquisition

By analyzing the laser pattern in each frame of video, WinCan Laser generates a 3 dimensional profile covering the full length of a pipe.

– Universal Compatibility

WinCan LaserScan works with all brands of inspection crawlers and laser devices.

– Generate reports for ovality, capacity and diameter.
– View a 3D model of the pipe, and export it to CAD using industry-standard DXF format.
– Package your WinCan Laser scans into WinCan’s free viewer software.
– WinCan Laser is WRc-certified as of July 2013.
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