WinCan Map VX

The geographic information system for sewer networks

Navigate and analyse your inspection data using familiar GIS views and tools. WinCan Map VX accepts all major GIS data formats (ESRI, AutoCAD, DXF / DWG, MapInfo, OpenStreetMap, etc.).

– Flexible Interface

For easier interaction, you can group interface elements according to function, resize them, and turn them on or off. Interface customizations can be saved for easy recall and sharing.

– Lateral inferencing

During a mainline inspection, important information is gathered about lateral connections: location, angle and clock position. WinCan Map VX uses this data to display laterals on GIS maps, and to export them to DXF and Shape files.

– Asset Geolocation

When an asset position is unknown, WinCan Map VX can accept coordinates directly from a GPS unit and map it.

– Scalability

Navigate large projects with thousands of objects without any delay, thanks to WinCan Map VX’s high-performance GIS engine.


– Data Visualisation

Color-code map elements according to asset attributes (material, age, profile, damage classification, etc.), and then then save those preferences as a template. Several standard templates also come with WinCan VX.

– Direct Integration and data transfer

WinCan Map VX integrates seamlessly with the WinCan platform; selecting a map element highlights the corresponding asset or observation in WinCan VX, and vice versa. To send a collection of sections to WinCan VX, simply drag to select all the elements on a map. No more time-consuming, error-prone re-entry of section or manhole data.

There are 3 different levels of WinCan Map VX

WinCan Map Entry

View only version that allows for importing of external data or for creating a waste water network with the WinCan VX database. Printing maps and basic GIS functionality is also included.

WinCan Map Advanced

Standard Version including all advanced functionalities like GPS connection, transferring shape data to WinCan VX, correction of pipe positions, digitizing manholes and pipe assets. Also the export as shape file format or as AutoCad DXF files is included.

WinCan Map Expert

WinCan Expert includes special functionality for detailed analysis of the data like the creation of heatmaps or the connection to internet background mapping like OpenStreetMaps

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