WinCan ScanExplorer

The WinCan ScanExplorer lets you view and manage sidescans.

Scans DigiSewer produce side scans from the inner surface of the inspected pipe as if you would unfold the pipe into a two-dimensional image

ScanExplorer Features:

  • Different, synchronized views: Detailed side scan, overview w. sidescan magnification, front view and a section view.
  • Easy and fast navigation through the pipe.
  • Inclination and altitude charts.
  • Precision measuring tools: 2D on sidescan, 3D in pipe space on crosssection plane
  • Graphic Drawing on sidescans and in frontview
  • Seamlessly integrated in WinCan: Graphics can be linked to WinCan observations.
  • Automatic detection for joints and laterals



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