WinCan VX Analyst

Allowing municipalities and engineers to analyse and manage collection systems

WinCan Analyst is a software to valuate, manage and analyse sewer networks.

The software is based on the WinCan VX platform, which secures a direct integration of the inspection data to the analysis, without a need to interchange the data, which could reflect in loss of specific information (like inclination measurement).

One of the main values of WinCan Analyst is the seamless integration into different GIS Systems and the optimisation for high performance, also with high data volume. WinCan Analyst contains different functional areas: Management of status data of the sewer systems including their automated classification, analysis of the characteristics of the sewer systems in GIS systems, issue of statistics and reports – as well as maintenance planning’s for pipes and manhole systems.

Advantages and Features
– One unified solution

WinCan Analyst includes the full set of functionality engineers and municipal managers need to manage collection systems of any size, saving the time and expense of patching together several less capable applications.

– Condition classification

Observation catalogues like the PACP / WRc Standards (3/4/5) ,WSA (2008/2013) and many more are implemented directly, ensuring an accurate overview of sewer network conditions. Automatic severity ratings make it easy to prioritise maintenance activities.

– Reports and Statistics

Understand your data system-wide using a variety of standard reports, including section, manhole, inclination, defect priority, statistics (defect, age, profile, material or type), measurement, and maintenance planning / cost. Custom reports can be made by modifying standard reports, or by building from scratch.

– Rehabilitation planning

Based on the inspection data for each asset, WinCan Analyst proposes a plan for repair, renovation or replacement. This plan can be manually modified, and then converted to a report showing projected costs and schedules. The maintenance plan can also be visualised in WinCan’s GIS component.

– GIS – Analysis

WinCan Analyst offers 15 built in and unlimited custom queries, the results of which can be visualised in the integrated GIS system. With a mouse click, maps can be colour-coded according to asset defect classification, age, and type. As well as display analyses of ageing structure or type of waste water with a single mouse-click.

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