Pipeline inspection cameras -Troglotech

A wide variety of different cameras are available on the market in order to conduct pipeline inspections. These cameras are designed in order to enhance the remote inspection process. Pan-and-rotate cameras give the operator the ability to position the camera lens in order to properly identify or examine a defect in the pipeline.

Troglotech has designed a new way of measuring defects and other artefacts such as crack-widths while surveying pipe work.

The new method radically simplifies and expedites surveying where measurements are required. Instead of using lasers, Troglotech has implemented a digital camera lens – the operator just has to focus on the artefact being measured and the object distance is automatically calculated and displayed.

T812 P&T camera

Introducing digital measurements

The T812 Pan and Tilt camera with ‘Human Perspective View’ and Digital Lens Measurement.

T812 features:

  • Human Perspective view – no upside-down pictures
  • Digital measurements of any artefact
  • Perfect pictures from our own camera design
  • Self-centring – one-touch for a straight-ahead view
  • Waterproof to IP68
  • Custom LED lighting for illumination in up-to 36” pipes
  • Designed for use on the T804 Trogloprobe pushrod system
  • Fits our standard skid set for 3”, 4” and 6”
  • Sacrificial front bumper – easily replaced in five minutes
  • 12” Universal wheeled skid available

The T800 Auto 

Uprighting Camera

The T800 Auto-Uprighting camera – tough, reliable, proven.

Features and benefits:

  • Fits the T804 Trogloprobe System
  • Simple to use – auto uprighting and fixed focus, nothing to adjust
  • Fully waterproof to IP68 (160 psi)
  • Thousands in use throughout the world in the harshest environments
  • Designed for simple servicing at our worldwide service centres
  • Low-power operation allows up to 8 hours operation on the Troglotech T804 system
  • Tough – Stainless-Steel construction with a 5mm deep Sapphire lens window
  • Fits standard Troglotech skid sets
  • Well proven camera design
  • Super-bright custom LED lighting
  • Patented Digital Clarity technology for a sharp, noise-free video picture
  • High Definition, 540 lines pph digital sensor module designed by Troglotech
  • Fixed white-balance for correct colour rendition – no more green terracotta pipes!

Troglotech Camera Downloads

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