HDD technology is widely-used in the civil engineering. Its share compared to open trenching is ever increasing because the underground installation and renewal of supply and pipes bears major technical and economical advantages.These advantages are due to excavation and re-instatement work being almost omitted allowing for short construction times.

Trenchless installation protects the environment, meaning there is no surface disruption, no problems with inhabitants, minimal excavation, less construction machines, avoidance of traffic jams, diversions and repair work, as well as low noise, carbon and fine dust particle emissions.

The Advantages

  • The slim design allows drilling with minimal clearance to buildings
  • High corrosion protection due to fully galvanised rod boxes
  • The engine hood is made of weather-proof GRP
  • The electronics are shock- and vibration-proof
  • High quality manufacturing and certified supplier components
  • Highly resilient, fail-safe and service reduced
  • High value stability
  • Wide range of applications
  • Compatible with tensile load measuring unit with bore data log according to the latest standards
  • Additional safety: prototype testing by the trade organisation


  • Kubota diesel engine with 28 kW driving power
  • Control station with easy to survey control panel
  • Multifunctional joystick
  • Hydraulic anchor bore unit swivels in three positions
  • Remote control
  • Drill rod magazine with
  • 32 drill rods for 48m bores
  • Stabiliser blade and rubberised steel track undercarriage