The DigiSewer triples the value of your inspection budget by performing up to three times faster than traditional video inspection.

With DigiSewer side-scanning, you capture footage at speeds up to 20m/minute without stopping to pan, tilt or zoom. And side-scanning generates detailed flat scans that can be reviewed and annotated in a fraction the time.

With all the time and money side-scanning saves, be sure to demand a system that handles all your pipe—no matter the material, condition and size. DigiSewer for ROVVER is the only side-scanner that adapts to real-world conditions, and the only one that also supports traditional CCTV inspection, giving you total versatility for your investment.

Best of all, DigiSewer remains the leading innovator in side-scanning, offering features like virtual pan/tilt, inclination graphing, joint/tap auto-recognition, PACP color-coding, and full WinCan integration.


Not only is DigiSewer adaptable enough to scan the broadest range of pipe sizes and diameters, it runs on the ROVVER platform, which means it can also be reconfigured to perform traditional video inspection and laser profiling.

With Digisewer side-scanning, inspection personnel no longer need to detect defects in live video, and then stop to investigate further. Instead, Digisewer captures detailed visual data from every square inch of pipe wall at speeds up to 70fpm. This image data, called a side scan, is then presented in multiple views (side, forward, thumbnail and virtual 3D) that can be rapidly and thoroughly analysed offline by an engineer. As a result, Digisewer yields triple the productivity of traditional CCTV inspection, all while producing data that’s better optimized for rapid transmission and efficient storage (900m/GB).

  • High-res visual detail from every inch of pipe wall
  • Inspect at 50fpm—no stopping to pan, tilt or zoom
  • Faster review and annotation than with video
  • Links to WinCan and GIS data; supports PACP
  • Automatic identification of taps and joints
  • Thumbnail, side, forward and 3D navigation
  • Compact data for easy storage/transfer (900m/GB)
  • Ovality measurement with optional laser accessory

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