Troglotech manufactures the T804 Trogloprobe– the rugged and fully portable inspection system that includes everything for reliable inspections of pipelines. The system is battery operated and includes a digital video recorder, text-writer, rod-counter and high brightness display.

The Trogloprobe T804

The T804 Trogloprobe is all you need for successful and professional inspection

Designed in 2006 and updated every year to introduce the latest developments, this system has proven to be rugged and reliable with many hundreds in use throughout the world in the harshest environments. We made no compromises in the design of the T804, the complete system is waterproof to IP67 which means you can keep working in all weathers. All cameras are waterproof to IP68 – 11 Bar – 160 psi with no need for pressurisation. 

The Troglotech T800 camera supplied with the standard system has been the benchmark for other manufacturers to aspire to. With thousands of these cameras in use it has proven to be the worlds most robust inspection camera.
The T804 from Troglotech is a fully portable Pushrod CCTV Pipeline Inspection System, powered by an advanced power cell which allows up to 8 hours operation from a single charge with recharge achieved in hours. 

The T804 utilises the proven reliability of the T800 camera. The T804 has a custom designed high resolution digital video recorder built in to the display unit. The recorder is designed for the industrial market and includes useful features such as:

  • One touch recording
  • One touch playback
  • Up to 8 hours recording time
  • Fully waterproof
  • Audio recording (Switchable)

The T804 includes 140mm high-brightness LCD monitor, high accuracy rod counter, 61m of specialist rod and On-Screen-Display. The display unit includes composite video outputs and inputs. The unit also includes a fully integrated text writer, power cell and digital video recorder. The T804 system is fully compatible with Wincan reporting software. Troglotech is an approved Wincan-compatible manufacturer.

This system is easily transportable, is perfectly balanced and allows the display unit to be folded flat giving access to a sculpted handle.The complete system is waterproof to IP67 and the camera is waterproof to IP68 (160 psi). The frame and coiler are constructed from thick-walled tubing which is powder coated. The mechanical design is modular and has easily replaceable major assemblies for simple servicing.

This fully digital system records directly onto a CF card in the industry-standard MPEG format for direct viewing on any PC running Windows.

  • 44mm self-levelling camera.
  • Built-in sonde transmitter
  • Super-bright LED lighting
  • Other camera options also available, see system builder below for more information.


Troglotech Push Rod System Downloads

T804 System Brochure – Click Here