Kaiser Moro Elegance SX11 Vacuum Truck

Octopus Electronics has 2 new Kaiser Moro Elegance SX11 vacuum trucks arriving in May. 

KAISER MORO has gained a lot of experience together with the main European truck manufacturers in finding out the perfect technical features for this line of equipment, specifically built for local markets in Africa and Middle East countries.

Tank capacity

  • Front fresh water tank for KWP 2,900 litres (geometrical volume)
  • Sludge tank 10.500 litres
  • Total capacity 13.400 litres
  • Hydraulic tank tipping
  • 6″ inlet and outlet valves
  • Vacuum-resistant cylindrical tank made in Aisi 304

Vacuum pump

Kaiser’s in-house developed liquid ring pump is a light metal vacuum pump.

The integrated intercooler system keeps the vacuum pump at a low temperature level and thus guarantees maximum suction capacity with low service water requirement.

Feed rate with unobstructed air-flow rate 3’100 m3/h.

Max. negative pressure / positive pressure 0,85 bar / 0,5 bar


The plant is built on a Scania P 360 B6x4NA chasis. Axel load 9000kg – 19000kg