iPEK’s Visioncontrol VC500 – central control panel for sewer inspections launched with Wincan embedded Pro.

For a few years now Wincan has been working in the background to offer the next generation of Pipe inspection embedded software, this software was launched together with iPEK in the newest generation of portable control panels, the VC500.

The multi-functional, portable VC500 control panel lets you take command of sewer inspections with the Rovion Crawler as well as the Agilios push rod camera system. This next-generation touchscreen controller supports the entire inspection workflow, from operating the crawler, overlaying text, recording video and creating reports.

Easier report delivery from Site

This is achieved due to the Wincan Embedded Pro Software which offers many enhancements, from more flexibility for control to ultimate delivery of data. It is possible to gather data, edit it, capture videos and still images, write notes, generate a PDF then distribute it in the preferred manner. You can finish your reports on site and save yourself valuable time. The already modified reports can simply be copied to a USB memory card to review or the report can be uploaded to Wincan’s cloud solution “Wincan WEB”. Delivery from the stick using just the VC500 is now a simple integrated process.

Wincan data is fully compatible with Wincan VX itself so all your back-office requirements can be finalized if or when required.

 In the future many of the advanced features of Wincan VX will also be integrated into the embedded Pro including Photo Assistant, Wincan 3D, Wincan Map. Version 1 already has full data collection fully integrated.

Software packages tailored to your needs

The VisionReport II software is available in different packages including the optional embedded Wincan software. One should select the software package which is suitable to their area of application and inspection tasks.

Starter Package

The Starter package offers extensive possibilities to operate and control your inspection system and to create simple projects with video and pictures.

The package functions include:

  • Operation and control of your inspection systems
  • System status display (e.g.: pressure and temperature monitoring)
  • ATEX status messages
  • Sensor data request (e.g. for inclination measurement)
  • Country-specific settings (language, data display)
  • Simple project and file management
  • Video and Picture documentation
  • Text overlay
  • “Wincan” cloud connection for the upload of the inspection data report to a central server, e.g. for processing the data in your office.

Standard Package

The standard package is ideally suited for sewer inspections with standard-compliant inspection reports. In addition to the functions of the starter package the standard package allows standard-compliant inspections with integrated embedded Wincan.

The package functions include:

  • All functions of the starter package
  • User interface for the standard-compliant assessment of the sewer state.
  • Integrated industry standards (e.g. WRC3, WRC4, WRC5)
  • Forwarding of media with data review and picture report
  • Data interface to Wincan VX

The VC500 Control Panel is fully compatible with the Agilios and Rovion range. Its versatility is what makes the VC500 a market leading control panel and a fantastic, sophisticated, cutting-edge addition to the iPEK range.