Octopus Electronics took on the distribution of the minCam range of CCTV Pipeline Inspection equipment in late 2010. The superior equipment will fill a gap in the market that Octopus has not been able to fill till now. The range of cameras goes from a 13mm diameter camera up to a 55mm diameter camera. The 29 mm camera is the smallest self-levelling camera available on the market today.

Ideal systems for the smaller plumber are available – due to the modular mix of equipment a system can be designed and configured to fulfil all customers’ individual needs.



This compact colour camera system is extreme small, lightweight and ideal for the optical, non-destructive inspection of pipes, cavities, welding seams, turbines, hollow girder and cast parts. With the help of this mini-camera system you can detect firmly bonded deposits, abrasions and deformations in narrow, elbowed, hard approachable and dangerous not illuminated locations without cost intensive disassembling the parts.
Detected damages can be stored as picture and/or as video directly to the SD-card. The minCord camera system with a camera head of only 13mm in outer diameter is a combination of a well-known normal camera system with a Fiberscope. This unique system combines the advantage of the resolution from a normal inspection system, about 320k pixel (30k pixel of a Fiberscope) with the handling and size of a Fiberscope camera system. This mini-camera-system is ideal and predesignated for architects, construction engineers, reviewers, plumbers, caretakers and controllers for maintenance, for quality control and expertise.




mC series camera systemimag009-2

Built with best materials, this mC camera system family contains very compact, versatile, easy to use, simple but very rugged optical camera systems in different sizes. The mC15, the latest product of this family, a colour inspection system is specially designed for small pipes, for pipes in the range of 15mm up to 125mm. Two different camera heads, the 13mm camera head directly attached to the Push-Pull cable, or the changeable 18mm camera head which is connected to the push rod cable can be ordered with the mC15. For bigger pipes we recommend the mC30, mC30Duo, ideal for industry and in-house inspection. For even bigger pipes we suggest to have a closer look at the mC50, mC50Duo and mC80. All of those optical inspection systems are built for the harsh environment, easy to use with a exceptional performance and reliability.

minCam´s Duo camera systems, the mC30Duo and the mC50Duo are very unique. The Twin Reel design offers the flexibility of 2 cameras in one compact package. Inner reel contains small camera with a more flexible cable for those small access inspections with tight turns. Outer reel has a larger camera with stiffer cable for larger inspections. With the Duo cameras mC30Duo, mC50Duo you get 2 camera systems in 1. The mC-camera, the ideal camera system for Failure Analysis, Cleaning Validation, Floor Drains, Heat Exchangers, FME Detection, Down Corners, Attemperators, Vessels, Ducting, Tanks, Product Lines, Fuel Nozzles, Coal Handling Piping, Conduit, Progressing, Cavity Pumps, Steam Lines, Process Sewers, Water Lines, Fin Fan Tubes, Underground, Bus Ducts, Valves, Turbine Extraction Piping, Process Lines

With Push-Pull cable from 15mm to 80mm with push rod from 30mm to 125mm extreme flexible
imag007-1mC30Duo / mC30
For pipes from 15mm to 150mm 30m/6.7mm push rod small – light weight – flexible
imag008-1mC50Duo / mC50
For pipes from 5mm is 400mm 9.2mm push rod on the outer reel 6.7mm push rod on the inner reel
imag009-1 mC80
For pipes from 100mm is 400mm 130m/11.2mm push rod mainline-manhole to manhole

mC360 Pan and Tilt Camera Systemimag006-2

The mC360 P & T camera system is the smallest P & T camera in our range for pipes from 70 to 400mm minCam 360 P&T camera extreme small camera head.

one of the smallest P&T camera head´s reel out of stainless steel and Carbon with 60m rod 2 hot swappable batteries wireless remote control sunlight readable 8.4″ monitor, recording, text generator case with accessories, such as 2 spacers, 1 roller skid, shoulder strap for easy carriage of the minCam360 

high resolution colour camera module auto mechanical focus, 4mm sapphire glass protected lens extreme powerful 33kHz sonde (or 512Hz) camera head outer diameter: 50mm camera head length: 80mm



Camera Options

KK13 camera

D=13mm cyl. length=9mm




view angle 90°

KK18 camera head (with Sonde)

D=18mm, cyl. length=10mm




viewing angle 90°

KK29SL camera (with Sonde)

D= 29mm, cyl. length=16mm;



view angle 140°


KK55SL self leveling camera head

D=55mm, cyl. length=36mm; 




viewing angle 120°




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