Our Suppliers

Our Suppliers

Each one of our suppliers is well versed in their particular sector of inspection and management of waste water infrastructure.


From the first black and white camera system developed in a basement in Sonthofen in 1988 until today iPEK has developed into one of the leading global players covering a wide product range in the field of sophisticated high-quality pipeline inspection systems.

Manufacturers of hi-tech crawler systems to inspect pipelines from 100mm up to 2000mmin diameter centralised over 500m. iPEK also produce a top end pan and rotate push rod system, ex-rated systems as well as the SETT DigiSewer camera.

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Produce a top end push rod camera system for inspection of pipelines from 30mm up to 300mm.

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Are dedicated to design and produce the smallest cameras available for industrial, drain and well inspection.

Octopus Electronics took on the distribution of the minCam range of CCTV Pipeline Inspection equipment in late 2010. The range of cameras goes from a 13mm diameter camera up to a 55mm diameter camera. The 29 mm camera is the smallest self-levelling camera available on the market today.

Ideal systems for the smaller plumber are available – due to the modular mix of equipment a system can be designed and configured to fulfil all customers’ individual needs.

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Produce the world’s best pole zoom camera, Quickview, for fast and effective inspection of pipes and manholes without any man entry.

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Vivax Metrotech

A leading provider of high-quality utility locating instrument solutions for underground utilities.

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IMS Robotics GmbH have been working in the area of modern environment technology since 1992. We are specialized in developing, engineering and manufacturing robots for the sewer rehabilitation, high-pressure water technology and UV-curing systems.

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Develop the software for the inspection and management of waste water infrastructure.

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Have been the leading supplier of industrial pneumatics for decades – and still are.

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Moling technology is widely-used and ever increasing in the civil engineering fields .Compared to open-trenching this method of underground installation and renewal of supply and disposal pipelines has major technical and economic advantages. Shorter construction times are major advantages especially when providing property service connections like fibre installations or electrical cabling and when crossing busy roads.

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Scanprobe specialises in the design, manufacture, maintenance and hire of drain camera systems including CCTV, Wireless, Hand-held, Push Camera, Crawler Pan & Tilt and various other Pipe Inspection Systems suitable for use in drains, water mains, chimneys and sewers for pipe diameters up to 1000mm.

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The international brand DUEBRE has partnered with Octopus Electronics to distribute their world-renowned nozzles for sewer and high-pressure cleaning.

The nozzles are made from different materials for pressure ranges from 0 – 2,500 bar. The ISO – certified production and final inspection guarantees the highest quality of the nozzles as well as nozzle inserts

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The subject of sewer cleaning is something which seldom attracts public attention. For that reason, little is known about the level of high tech which is available for the efficient maintenance of this important infrastructure. With the international focus on modern environmental technologies, the importance of efficient, high-performance sewer cleaning vehicles is growing. In this branch, KAISER is considered synonymous with innovative technological solutions. The KAISER Group is a leading player in the world market with locations in various countries.

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