2 to 100 tonnes

Grundowinch Twin Capstan Winches offer unbeatable performance. Whatever capacity required or task performed. Grundowinch has re-written the specification rulebook with the user in mind.

Never before has such a comprehensive range of winches been available for today’s increasingly active

Trenchless Technology Industry. Faced with Sewage Lining to Slip Lining, Roll Down to Sewer Renovation, Pipe Cracking to Pipe and Cable Pulling – Grundowinch pulls them all. Hands-free operation is a hallmark of all Grundowinches, just set the required tonnage and line speed and let Grundowinch take the strain.

Any cable slack is immediately sensed and quickly taken up automatically.

Grundowinches are designed and built with both user and plant manager in mind. Fully automatic and easy to use, tough, durable, reliable and simple to maintain. For Sewage Lining and sensitive cable winching operations, optional electronic display dataloggers are available to constantly monitor line speed and applied winching force.

Data is stored on an internal SD which can be printed for reference purposes and statistical analysis. 

KW3000 Composite Version
KW3000 Standard Version
KW4000 Composite Version