The New iPEK Aglios XR Systems

The New iPEK Aglios XR Systems



The latest AGILIOS generation has been developed with the goal to perform “Inspections in all situations“. The ultra-light design of the coiler with maximum stability for the use on construction sites serves as the basis as battery capacities do which allow inspections of 6 hours without the need of charging or connecting a mains cable. This supports you to master inspection places with difficult access. With its variable control and placement possibilities the system offers working conditions which are as ergonomic as possible in all situations.

Modular AGILIOS sets offer you the freedom to decide, whether you need a simple inspection system or a professional documentation solution. If you notice later on that you want to perform better, the AGILIOS offers you simple extension options. With its exchangeable components – ebox and reel – the AGILIOS is easy to service thus offering fewer downtimes.




The AGILIOS XR100 will be available in 2 push rod lengths:

  • 60 meters
  • 100 meters

For high pushing ranges we use the proven 11 mm push rod for the XR100


  • Range of application from DN50 to DN300

  • Working ergonomically thanks to an ultra-light coiler and detachable control unit

  • Modularly and variably extendable from reel to control unit




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