Cone Sealing Bags

After months of patiently waiting for Vetter to finally announce the release of its revolutionary Cone Sealing Bag, the day finally arrived with its launch at the IFAT 2018 expo in Munich, Germany.

What makes this product so revolutionary you might ask?

Key facts about the Vetter Cone Sealing Bag:

  • The cone shape allows for flexible use in almost all pipe profiles.
  • It is light weight making it easy to handle.
  • It completely and securely seals all pipeline shapes.
  • It is  repairable, like fixing a puncture on a bicycle tyre.
  • It works with 1 bar working pressure
  • It is available in three sizes, ranging from 250mm – 1,600mm.

 With this conical sealing bag from Vetter, you will have a powerful aide that keeps pipes reliably sealed and, thanks to its cone shape, will fit almost all pipe profiles from circular, egg, mouth-shaped and rectangular right through to kite shaped

Thanks to its light-weight and compact transport format, this foldable sealing bag can be positioned quickly in the manhole using a drawbar eye. Once there it will impress you with its extremely resistant CR material in the usual Vetter quality.

Seal pipelines of all types, even in places where installation is difficult, and concentrate on your on-site work in peace.

Once positioned, draining can be carried out quickly and easily using a vacuum adapter and suction without moving the bag in the pipe. As such, no separate compressed air cylinder is required and you profit from uncompromising quality with the stamp of approval – Made in Germany.

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