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Octopus Electronics is one of the leading distributors, repair facilities and rental agent for CCTV push rod camera and crawler camera systems for pipeline inspection solutions in South Africa. Dealing with all aspects of pipeline equipment, we also offer a full range of Vetter plugs and stoppers, Ex-rated systems from leading manufacturers iPEK, Troglotech and MinCam, custom designed CCTV inspection vehicles, Ciscrea and Vivex systems, Sonar / Laser Profiling not forgetting Wincan, the software for the inspection and management of waste water infrastructure. Octopus Electronics pipeline inspection systems provide the most reliable, practical and technologically advanced solutions available. Providing the perfect camera for the professional drainage engineer - from blockages to leaks, surface cracks to build up - let our CCTV inspection equipment be your eyes and ears underground. Trust your pipes with Octopus Electronics wide range of CCTV systems, providing pushrods, crawlers, cameras, controllers, cable reels, a variety of wheels, cutters, plugs, stoppers profiling and a host of Wincan software solutions and all the accessories you may need. Our technicians have specialised training to repair the CCTV units in South Africa as well as to give first hand technical support on the WinCan software.


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ROVION crawler systems combine 30 years of experience and the knowledge of more than 10,000 crawler systems globally used. Join the first leagu

Obituary – Mr. Gavin Nunn Founder and Friend

The founder of Octopus Electronics, Mr Gavin Nunn, died peacefully late last night, 15th November 2016, at the age of 60, after battling for the

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Each one of our suppliers is well versed in their particular sector of inspection and management of waste water infrastructure.iPEK From t