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The TT-Grundowinch

2 to 100 tonnes

Grundowinch Twin Capstan Winches offer unbeatable performance. Whatever capacity required or task performed. Grundowinch has re-written the specification rulebook with the user in mind.

Never before has such a comprehensive range of winches been available for today’s increasingly active

Trenchless Technology Industry. Faced with Sewage Lining to Slip Lining, Roll Down to Sewer Renovation, Pipe Cracking to Pipe and Cable Pulling – Grundowinch pulls them all. “Hands free” operation is a hallmark of all Grundowinches, just set the required tonnage and line speed and let Grundowinch take the strain.

Any cable slack is immediately sensed and quickly taken up automatically.

Grundowinches are designed and built with both user and plant manager in mind. Fully automatic and easy to use, tough, durable, reliable and simple to maintain. For Sewage Lining and sensitive cable winching operations, optional electronic display dataloggers are available to constantly monitor line speed and winching force applied.

Data is stored on an internal SD which can be printed for reference purposes / statistical analysis.

KW3000 Composite Version

KW3000 Standard Version

KW4000 Composite Version



The TrapJumper by ScanProbe

The TrapJumper is Scanprobe’s lightweight push-rod camera solution, designed to provide both flexibility to navigate tight trap-bends whilst being strong enough to be pushed the distance in abrasive pipes.

As with the Maxprobe™, the TrapJumper is fully compatible with the same control box, meaning that it is simple plug ’n’ play to start using the latest addition to the Scanprobe family of products.

System Features 

Weight 11.8kg / 26lbs
Height 520mm
Width 445mm
Depth – folded 310mm – unfolded 478mm
Rod Length 40m / 130ft (standard)
Rod Diameter 8.6mm
Camera Length 44mm
Camera Diameter 30mm
Battery Li-ion (9hrs running time)
Ingress Protection – Reel IP54 – Camera IP68
Light Source 12 LED
Resolution 720 x 576
Minimum Bend Radius 76mm



Click Here to download the datasheet

The New iPEK Aglios XR Systems




The latest AGILIOS generation has been developed with the goal to perform “Inspections in all situations“. The ultra-light design of the coiler with maximum stability for the use on construction sites serves as the basis as battery capacities do which allow inspections of 6 hours without the need of charging or connecting a mains cable. This supports you to master inspection places with difficult access. With its variable control and placement possibilities the system offers working conditions which are as ergonomic as possible in all situations.

Modular AGILIOS sets offer you the freedom to decide, whether you need a simple inspection system or a professional documentation solution. If you notice later on that you want to perform better, the AGILIOS offers you simple extension options. With its exchangeable components – ebox and reel – the AGILIOS is easy to service thus offering fewer downtimes.




The AGILIOS XR100 will be available in 2 push rod lengths:

  • 60 meters
  • 100 meters

For high pushing ranges we use the proven 11 mm push rod for the XR100


  • Range of application from DN50 to DN300

  • Working ergonomically thanks to an ultra-light coiler and detachable control unit

  • Modularly and variably extendable from reel to control unit



Trade “OLD” for “NEW”


Trade your old soil displacement hammer (All Manufacturers) for a new GRUNDOMAT Mole!

You will receive a 10% discount off your nett price (size for size, on the machine only, to a max. of R15,000.00) for each new GRUNDOMAT delivered before the 31.01.2019

Borehole / Well Inspection Cameras


Known for small sewer inspection cameras, minCam now presents very compact well cameras.
The Combo system begins with a 50 m hand cable drum and ends with 550 m special manufactured cable on a motorized drum. Smallest camera head has
18 mm outer diameter, 29 mm, biggest 55 mm. Highlight is the BK550 well camera system with a P&T camera head, tested for 60 bar surrounding.
Well camera systems – simple – robust – effective.

BK550Set – Borehole / Well Camera System

Color pan&tilt camera head with head diameter of 50 mm
· 60 bar water protected
· To inspect up to 400 mm wide wells without additional light
· Auto mechanical focus
· 3.5 mm Sapphire glass protected lens
· View angle lens diagonal 136°
· Endless rotation, view angle tilt 150°
· Electronical zoom
· Integrated LED light
· Simple text generator handling
· Pan&tilt values can be shown on monitor
· Integrated pressure sensor
· Easy cleaning of the motorized cable drum
· 550 m flexible cable – PA coated, tensile strength of 5000 N
· Exact controllable up and down movement
· Fold out cable arm
· Dimension: 680 x 610 x 570 mm (l x w x h)
· Weight: about 70 kg (cable incl)


Combo Borehole / Well camera system

Combo well camera system with different camera heads, outer diameter 18 mm,
29 mm, 55 mm. To be operated with battery or mains, for different cable length
beginning with 50 m, 100 m, 200 m, up to 550 m.
These systems can be run with PC / Notebook too
· 8.4” sunlight readable TFT-LCD monitor in a robust Peli case
· Storage of videos, pictures and audio on SD-card – max 32 GB
· text generator and electronic insert of meter value, date




HDPE Pipe Repair Clamps – Borflex Clamps


HDPE Pipe Repair Clamps – Borflex Clamps





  • Can be use safely in every pipe type i.e.: Steel, GRP, HDPE, PVC, pig, ductile font, ACP etc.
  • Can withstand pleasures of PN40
  • Pipe in one piece – lip seal dual-channels
  • Between DN25mm – 400mm
  • Body; AISI304,316 or 1024 galvanized steel
  • EPDM, NBR, or VITON sealing material.
  • Vacuum support part (optional)
  • It affects both flexibility and movement by creating a flexible-link in the pipes.


  1. Flex Couplings – Flex Type DN25mm – DN4000mm
  2. Repair Couplings – Rep Type DN25mm – DN4000mm
  3. Repair Couplings – Rep Type DN25mm – DN4000mm
  4. Grip Type DN25mm – DN600mm
  5. Plast Grip DN25mm – Dn250mm
  6. PVC Pipe Clamp DN50mm – Dn200mm
  7. Wafer Type Clamps DN20/23mm – DN510/530
  8. Stem Type Wafer Clamps DN70-DN600                      BORCLAMP
  9. Different Pipe Couplings OD1  ≠ OD2                         BORSTEP
  10. Branchman Coupling – clamps BORFLEX-BR
  11. Expansion Type Coupling DN80 – DN4000
  12. Pipe Adaptor OD90 – OD 600

HDPE CLAMPS : DN 63 – DN 2000


  • Strong Gripper Rings (on the left and right side) to grab the HDPE pipes tightly in place.
  • Under full pressure these rings allow the pipes to turn 360 degree  (independent of each other.)
  • Grap rings can be made from AISI, 316 stainless steel or al-alloy.




  • Can be used safely on the follwoignpipe types, HDPE, PVC or PE
  • Can withstand pleasures of P40
  • Sealing Gasket with multi channel-Lip
  • DN 63mm – DN 2000mm
  • BODY: AISI 304 (optional: AISI 316 or AISI 1024 Galvanized Steel.)
  • EPDM, NBR Rubber
  • Vacuum Support Part (optional)
  • can affect the flexibility of the pipes

New Course Offered


Sewer CCTV Condition Classification Course

This is a globally recognised WRc course for professionals working with key aspects of sewer and manhole inspection, assessment as well as conditions coding, and follows recognised specifications laid out in the 5th Edition of  the Manual of Sewer Condition Classification (MSCC5).


          • Gain an understanding of the background to sewer deterioration.
          • Learn to use and the importance of condition surveys in sewer rehabilitation.
          • Obtain knowledge of the Sewer Condition Classification Coding system, and the ability to identify and correctly code faults  in sewers – essential to effective pipe assessments!


          • Engineers and technicians will feel competent to make accurate CCTV Sewer inspections and report results.
          • Systematic and consistent approach to reporting and interpretation of CCTV Sewer inspection results throughout the decision making chain.


          • Sewer CCTV Inspection
          • Sewers and pipe deterioration
          • Sewer condition categorisation
          • Sewer condition coding
          • Reporting requirements 
          • Manhole codes


Note: A complete course file will be provided to all candidates including the WRc Manual of Sewer Condition Classification (5th Edition).


          • Independent assessment by the WRc


Note: All candidates successfully passing the end of course assessment will receive a course certificate, confirming certification in Sewer Condition Classification by the internationally recognised WRc


          • 3 days



Now Available: The SCANPROBE MAXPROBE 60m Push Rod Camera


New to the South African Market

Scanprobe Techniques Ltd specialises in the design, manufacture, maintenance and hire of drain camera systems including CCTV, Wireless, Hand-held, Push Camera, Crawler Pan & Tilt and various other Pipe Inspection Systems suitable for use in drains, water mains, chimneys and sewers for pipe diameters up to 1000mm.



Pipeline Inspection System

The ultimate system, suitable for pipe sizes 17mm up to 450mm Ø. Maxprobe with 60m pushrod.

The MaxProbe control box is the heart of our system and is packed with innovative and helpful features to enhance user efficiency and provides everything you need to carry out a professional drainage survey. The Maxprobe system is available with a choice of cameras and coilers, all of which are interchangable.

System Features:

  • Embedded Wincan reporting software included
  • Future-proof software updates
  • Bespoke inbuilt Scanprobe reporting software as standard
  • 10.4” Super-bright sunlight readable LCD display with auto brightness
  • Battery: Rechargeable Li-ion with up to 9 hours running time
  • Flexible power saving options
  • Charging: via mains 100-240VAC or in-vehicle 12VDC
  • Wi-Fi and Bluetooth compatible and optional 4G
  • Snapshot-capture to JPEG image
  • Video recording to MPEG format
  • Designed to meet IP64 Ingress protection rating
  • Tough, waterproof and ergonomic qwerty keypad design
  • Comes as standard with 32Gb of internal memory (expandable up to 960Gb)
  • External storage & Connectivity: x2 USB 2.0 ports (supports up to 128Gb),
  • SD card slot (supports up to 32Gb), Ethernet port and VGA output
  • Sonde


  • 44mm self-levelling camera.
  • Built-in sonde transmitter
  • Super-bright LED lighting
  • Other camera options also available, see system builder below for more information.

Maxprobe Coiler Features:

  • 60 metres of upgraded 12mm pushrod as standard
  • Innovative easy-mount MaxProbe to coiler interface allows the user to operate the MaxProbe from a comfortable height
  • Redesigned rod guide to assist in rod alignment and operation








Tough, waterproof keypad design

Superbright LED lighting

Live Image




System Help Screen


System Health Status


Embedded WinCan Reporting Software


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